You are a mustached sheriff in the search of the main villain, Jester "LOL" Guffaw, escaped from the prison. He also stole your cool horse but he doesn't know your horse make special poo: the GPooS. With this sort of GPS, you can find where the villain is directed (and to turn lemons into lemonade, so your horse will stop pooing!). So you have to find the GPooS in every level (and 3 types of money if you want the "money bonus"). But be aware! You can die in various ways!


Mouse with left button

For the cheaters (or the noob): "h" to show all the hotspot

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(subscribers can obtain the downloadable version in full hd resolution)


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Wish there was a fullscreen option

Sorry, just read! ^_^

The fullscreen is only in the desktop version, check on my Patreon page, there should be the possibility to download... if I remember correctly! 

Or write to me at I'll send you the link.